Test Bank for Professionalism in Health Care 5th Edition

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SBN-10: 0134415671
ISBN-13: 9780134294117
Edition: 5th Edition
Publisher: Pearson
By: Sherry Makely
Language: English

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Test Bank for Professionalism in Health Care 5th Edition

1. The Health Care Industry and Your Role
Working in Health Care
Health Care as a Business
Impact of the Baby Boomer Population
Improving the Nation’s Health Care System
Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act
Quality Improvement
Patient Safety
Workforce Supply and Demand
Electronic Health Records
Advancements in Technology
The Big Picture and Where You Fit In
Learning Activities

2. Your Work Ethic and Performance
Making a Commitment to Your Job
Critical Thinking
Developing a Strong Work Ethic
Attendance and Punctuality
Reliability and Accountability
Attitude and Enthusiasm
Competence and Quality of Work
Inappropriate Behavior
Representing Your Employer
Evaluating Your Performance
Learning Activities

3. Personal Traits of the Health Care Professional
Character and Personal Values
Character Traits
Legal Issues and Implications
Criminal and Civil Law
Professional Standards of Care, Scope of Practice, and Professional Ethics
Medical Liability
Other Legal Issues
Ethical, Moral, and Legal Dilemmas
Learning Activities

4. Relationships, Teamwork, and Communication Skills
Interpersonal Relationships
Coworkers as Customers
Inclusion and Friendliness
Etiquette and Manners
Teams and Teamwork
Types of Teams
Group Norms
Communication Skills
Elements of Communication
Factors That Influence Your Communication with Other People
Barriers to Communication
Communication Styles and Conflict Resolution
Communication Technologies
Written Communication
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Learning Activities

5. Cultural Competence and Patient Care
Diversity and Cultural Competence
Diversity and Culture
Cultural Competence
Personality Preferences
Generational Differences
Respecting Differences
Working with Patients
Patient Rights and Responsibilities
Customer Service
The Patient Experience
Being There for Patients
Patient Visitors
Working with Doctors, Guests, and Vendors
Learning Activities

6. Professionalism and Your Personal Life
Personal Image
Appearance and Grooming
Dress Code Standards
Personal Habits
Language and Grammar
Maintaining Professionalism After Hours
Personal Health and Wellness
Employee Wellness Programs
Personal Risk Factors
Personal Management Skills
Time Management
Personal Financial Management
Stress Management
Managing Change
Learning Activities

7. The Practicum Experience
The Purpose of a Practicum
The Benefits of a Practicum Experience
Students Compared to Employees
Identifying Preferences
How Your Performance Will Be Evaluated
Preparing for Your Practicum
Pre-Practicum Observations and Research
During Your Practicum
Keeping a Journal
Privacy and Confidentiality
Office Politics
More Than One Right Way
Patient Preferences
Personal Issues
Ensuring Success on Your Practicum
At the End of Your Practicum
Learning Activities

8. Employment and Professional Development
Job-Seeking Skills
Identifying Occupational Preferences
Finding Employment Information
Applying for Jobs
Cover Letters
Job Applications
Preemployment Assessments
Verifying Qualifications
Interviews and Job Offers
Preparing for an Interview
Participating in an Interview
After the Interview
Considering Job Offers
Professional Development
The Need for Professional Development
Developing Leadership Skills
Ways to Develop Leadership Skills
Participating in Professional Associations
Planning for Career Advancement
Learning Activities
Closing Thoughts

A: Sample Job Description
B: Sample Performance Evaluation
C: Sample Résumé
D: Sample Résumé Cover Letter
E: Sample Job Application Form
F: Sample Interview Follow-Up Letter
G: Sample Practicum Journal
H: Sample Practicum Thank-You Letter
Glossary of Terms


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