Test Bank For Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach 5th Edition by Barlow

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Test Bank For Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach 5th Edition by Barlow

Indicate the answer choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1. What is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?

  a.  a guide for training psychology students in assessment techniques

  b.  a textbook about the etiology of psychological disorders

  c.  a classification system for abnormal behavior

  d.  an encyclopedia of treatment approaches for psychological disorders

2. Which of the following is a part of the intellectual functioning component of a mental status exam?

  a.  noting a person’s vocabulary

  b.  noting the appropriateness of a person’s attire

  c.  noting a person’s mood

  d.  noting the content of what a person is saying

3. What is the primary basis for a prognosis?

  a.  information about the course of the disorder in other individuals

  b.  clinical experience

  c.  the treatment options available to the patient

  d.  the client’s desire to reform

4. Suppose an individual taking the MMPI falsifies answers in order to look good. On which scale will he or she most likely have a high score?

  a.  Defensiveness (K)

  b.  Infrequency (F)

  c.  Inconsistency (I)

  d.  Lie (L)

5. What kind of test is the Stanford-Binet test?

  a.  a personality test

  b.  a projective test

  c.  an intelligence test

  d.  a mental status test

6. What does the classical categorical approach to diagnosis assume about each person with a particular disorder?

  a.  He or she will experience very few of the same symptoms.

  b.  He or she will respond to the same treatments equally.

  c.  He or she will be helped by recognizing the cause of the disorder.

  d.  He or she will experience the same symptoms with little or no variation.

7. If an assessment measures what it is intended to measure it is said to be considered to be which of the following?

  a.  valid

  b.  reliable

  c.  standardized

  d.  clinical

8. A clinician asks a child to sit at a desk in a simulated classroom situation to complete a difficult task. The clinician is using this technique to discover the reasons the child has been engaging in self-hitting (self-injurious) behaviour. In behavioural assessment terms, what type of behaviour has the self-hitting been identified as?

  a.  measurable behaviour

  b.  target behaviour

  c.  resultant behaviour

  d.  observable behaviour

9. One of the problems in using neuropsychological tests to detect organic damage and cognitive disorders involves the possibility of false negatives. Which of the following is most likely to result from a false negative?

  a.  A patients undergoes completely unnecessary and expensive procedures.

  b.  A clinician misses an important medical problem that needs to be treated.

  c.  A patient is diagnosed with a condition that does not exist.

  d.  Cell damage occurs due to repeated radiation exposure.

10. Why was the Comprehensive System for administering and scoring the Rorschach inkblot test developed?

  a.  because it was discovered that inter-rater reliability had increased significantly

  b.  because the previous scoring system was found to be difficult and time consuming

  c.  because Hermann Rorschach was dissatisfied with the way his test was being administered

  d.  because there was a lack of standardized procedures, which can affect the way the test-taker responds to the questions

11. Why does the assessment concept known as reliability increase in the MMPI?

  a.  because the MMPI is often interpreted by computer

  b.  because the MMPI is non-sexist

  c.  because the MMPI is well researched

  d.  because the MMPI is made up of many scales

12. When Ms. Rath was seeking employment, a job consultant gave her a standard IQ test. The following year, the same consultant gave Ms. Rath the same IQ test. Ms. Rath’s score was similar on both occasions. What does this indicate?

  a.  The test has concurrent validity.

  b.  The test has long-term validity.

  c.  The test has inter-rater reliability.

  d.  The test has test-retest reliability.

13. Using a new diagnostic system, several clinicians interview a patient and independently provide the same diagnosis. The diagnosis may be different from the diagnosis that would be applied using an older diagnostic system. What can we assume about the new diagnostic system?

  a.  It appears to be standardized.

  b.  It appears to be reliable.

  c.  It appears to be normed.

  d.  It appears to be valid.

14. What are neuropsychological tests used to assess?

  a.  whether an individual might have had a psychotic episode

  b.  whether an individual might have a brain dysfunction

  c.  whether an individual might be intellectually disabled

  d.  whether an individual might be in a depressed state

15. Which of the following is a projective test?

  a.  the WAIS

  b.  the MMPI

  c.  the TAT

  d.  the MCMI

16. Suppose an individual taking the MMPI makes false claims about psychological problems. On which scale will he or she most likely obtain an elevated score?

  a.  Defensiveness (K)

  b.  Infrequency (F)

  c.  Inconsistency (I)

  d.  Lie (L)

17. Why is assessing psychophysiological responding very important in the assessment of many sexual dysfunctions and disorders?

  a.  because misdiagnosis of sexual disorders can be devastating for the patient

  b.  because it avoids having to ask patients direct and possibly embarrassing questions about their sexuality

  c.  because many people are unaware that they have a true sexual disorder

  d.  because sometimes the individual is unaware of his or her specific patterns of sexual arousal

18. What is one problem with projective tests?

  a.  They are often too rigid.

  b.  They make participants feel uncomfortable.

  c.  They are expensive to administer.

  d.  They are not standardized across clinicians.

19. In contrast to projective tests, personality inventories such as the MMPI are based on the collection and evaluation of data. What type of approach is this?

  a.  an analytic approach

  b.  a predictive approach

  c.  an empirical approach

  d.  a descriptive approach

20. Which neuroimaging device would be used to examine dopamine activity in individuals with bipolar disorder?

  a.  CAT

  b.  MRI

  c.  PET

  d.  TAT

21. Which of the following refers to an imaging technique that uses a radioactive tracer to measure the functioning of various parts of the brain?

  a.  a PET scan

  b.  a CT scan

  c.  a CAT scan

  d.  an MRI scan

22. What is considered the most significant difference between the DSM-IV-R to the DSM-5?

  a.  The axis system has been eliminated.

  b.  Several disorders, such as Asperger’s syndrome, have been eliminated.

  c.  Several disorders, such as gambling addiction, have been added.

  d.  The DSM 5 stipulates a treatment plan and not just a diagnosis.

23. Which of the following was a cause of problems with the original version of the MMPI?

  a.  the lack of standardized instructions for administration

  b.  clinicians’ subjective interpretations of scale scores

  c.  selective sampling for the standardization group and the biased wording of questions

  d.  low reliability and validity

24. Dr. Hall, a clinical psychologist, decides to conduct a behavioural assessment of five-year-old Sarah, instead of a clinical interview, after her parents report that she has had repeated and often physical conflicts with other children on the playground. Why is a behavioural assessment preferable in this case?

  a.  because the parents could be exaggerating the problem

  b.  because a structured interview might be too stressful for a young child

  c.  because young children are less able to verbally communicate their problems and experiences

  d.  because young children often deliberately withhold information from authority figures

25. Many popular magazines include “psychological” or “personality” tests to help readers better understand themselves or others. How does your textbook view most of these tests?

  a.  They are reliable.

  b.  They are for entertainment only.

  c.  They are informative and educational.

  d.  They are valid.

26. Which of the following is used to measure electrical activity in the brain?

  a.  an electroencephalograph

  b.  an electrocardiograph

  c.  an electromyogram

  d.  an electroencephalogram

27. What do we call the process of determining whether an individual’s symptoms meet the criteria for a specific psychological disorder?

  a.  prognosis

  b.  diagnosis

  c.  analysis

  d.  classification

28. In studies using fMRI, how did post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) participants who report primarily dissociative (numbing-type) responses to listening to scripts about their traumas compare to PTSD participants who experienced primarily hyperarousal patterns to trauma scripts?

  a.  They had more atrophied parts of the brain.

  b.  They had less electrical activity in the limbic system.

  c.  They had slower and more irregular delta waves.

  d.  They had very different patterns of brain activation.

29. How does the fMRI procedure differ from the traditional MRI?

  a.  The fMRI procedure uses X-rays to show the brain from different angles.

  b.  The fMRI procedure measures brain metabolism.

  c.  The fMRI procedure measures brain wave activity.

  d.  The fMRI procedure can take pictures of the brain at work, recording changes from one second to the next.

30. If an assessment is shown to measure what it is intended to measure, it can be said to be which of the following?

  a.  reliable

  b.  sensitive

  c.  standardized

  d.  valid


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